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Strategic Planning

We bring our skills as experienced planners and excellent communicators to bear on the tremendous needs and rapid changes in our world. We understand the generative, nimble thinking and clear articulation required to develop strategic plans that actually work. More


Whether you want to build awareness, promote an important cause, garner widespread media coverage, or launch a fundraising campaign, we can ensure your success with smart planning, compelling messaging, and attentive implementation. More

Website Development

We understand successful website development is a complex process that requires the input of many voices, is rooted in an organization’s strategic vision, and demands thoughtful and compelling design and content. More

Client News & Highlights

Bush Foundation Announces 2023 Bush Fellows

Parenteau Graves led the strategic communications and media relations for the announcement of the 2023 Bush Fellows, a group of 24 visionary leaders whose bold visions are shaping communities around our region. Read the full announcement.

Who Leads in MN? Project Sheds Light on Leadership Disparities

Parenteau Graves served as communications counsel for “Who Leads in MN?,” a project of Minnesota Compass and the Bush Foundation to understand who holds leadership positions and to inspire more equitable leadership in Minnesota’s business, government and nonprofit sectors. Learn more.

Parenteau Graves Profiles MN Law Assistance for Afghan Refugees

Kathy Graves talks with Minnesota Law students, faculty and staff about their work with the James H. Binger Center for New Americans to provide assistance to Afghan guests at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Read the story.